Update for subclass 408 AGEE visa holders – can I change my employment and work in different critical sector?

On 4th June 2021 the Department of Home Affairs amended its general advice to 408 visa holders in its auto response notice. 

The Department’s updated information now states that 408 visa holders who want to change employer and work in different critical sector while holding a 408 AGEE visa may be allowed to do so:

“Visa holders granted for 12 months to work in a critical sector should continue to work in a critical sector to comply with their visa conditions or make arrangements to depart Australia.

Visa holders are also permitted to work for a different employer(s) in any critical sector occupation and position. If working for multiple employers at least one must be in a critical sector.

Once a visa has been granted, no further assessment can be undertaken by the Department. This includes providing advice or an assessment regarding employment changes.

You must notify the Department of any changes of employment by completing a Notification of changes in circumstances (Form 1022) and emailing it to email/majorevents.visaprocessing)(homeaffairs.gov.au together with a letter of offer for each new employer and position.

Once you have notified the Department, this auto generated response will serve as confirmation of your update. Individual confirmations or updated grant notifications will not be provided.

Seasonal Worker Program participants must only work for a SWP approved employer under the program.”

We advise clients that this information is for general information only, and strongly recommend that 408 visa holders ensure their compliance with all conditions on their visa and should obtain professional advice to ensure that the advice is correct as per their individual circumstances.

Please contact us should you require assistance in migration matters, we are here to help.