Skilled - Regional (Provisional) - First Provisional Visa Stream

The Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa allows skilled workers live and work in specified regional areas of Australia for up to four years. If you wish to apply for this visa under the First Provisional stream (also known as the 'Invited Pathway'), you must first obtain a positive skills assessment for your nominated occupation, and then lodge an Expression of Interest. If this is successful, you will be invited to lodge a visa application. 



At the time that you are invited to apply for this visa, you must:

  • be under 45 years of age
  • nominate an occupation that is included on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)
  • have your skills assessed by the appropriate Australian skills assessing authority as suitable for your nominated occupation
  • have competent English (i.e. a recent IELTS test with a score of at least 6 in EACH band)
  • score at least 60 on the relevant points test, which takes into account age, English language ability, qualifications and other factors
  • be nominated by an Australian State or Territory government OR be sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area of Australia.


In order to be 'eligible', your relative must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible NZ citizen; at least 18 years old; and a close family member (i.e. a parent, child, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or first cousin).


Application Process

Anyone who wishes to apply for this visa under the First Provisional Visa stream must first be invited to lodge an application by the Department of Home Affairs.


Stage 1: Initial Eligibility Assessment

The first step that we will take is to conduct an initial assessment of your eligibility for this visa. This involves reviewing your qualifications, work experience, English language and other circumstances, to establish whether or not you are likely to meet the relevant requirements.

We will then provide you with informed and comprehensive advice about your ability to meet the minimum standards (including State/Territory nomination or family member sponsorship) that the DIBP requires migrants to fulfil in order to qualify for an invitation to apply for this visa.


Our initial assessment of your eligibility does not guarantee that you will (or will not) in fact obtain a positive skills assessment or nomination, or be issued an invitation to apply for this visa. In particular, whether or not you are successful in obtaining a State/Territory nomination (if applicable) will depend upon the exact requirements of the relevant State or Territory at the time that your EOI is assessed. Each State and Territory government agency regularly reviews and updates its criteria (including its list of acceptable skilled occupations) to reflect labour market conditions in its region.

Stage 2: Skills Assessment

Should our initial assessment indicate that you are eligible for a positive skills assessment, nomination and EOI, we will prepare your skills assessment application.

We will provide you with a full list of the information and documents required to support your application. When you have provided the necessary details and documents, along with the required assessment fee, we will lodge your application with the applicable skills assessing authority.

Stage 3: Expression of Interest

Once you have received a positive skills assessment from the skills assessing authority, we will prepare and lodge your EOI. If you are seeking State/Territory nomination, you will need to specify which Australian state or territory you wish to nominate your visa application. Alternatively, you can choose to be available for nomination by any State or Territory.

Provided you meet all relevant requirements, including State/Territory nomination or family member sponsorship, you will then be invited to lodge a visa application.

Stage 4: State/Territory Nomination (IF APPLICABLE)

If you are seeking State/Territory nomination, the government agency of the State or Territory that you have chosen will review your EOI to determine whether or not you meet their particular criteria for nomination (this includes the requirement that your nominated occupation be included on the skilled occupation list for that State/Territory).

We will supply the State or Territory government agency concerned with the evidence required to show that you meet their criteria. The nature and extent of the supporting evidence required varies depending upon the State or Territory in question. If your supporting evidence is deemed acceptable, the State or Territory government agency will then nominate you for the visa.

Stage 5: Visa Application

Once the DIBP has invited you to apply for this visa, we will prepare and lodge your visa application within the specified time frame, together with all of the documents that support the information that you provided in your EOI. This includes your skills assessment, English language test results, qualifications, work references and all other required documents.

Should your visa application be approved, you will be granted a provisional visa, which is valid for four years. You may be either in Australia or overseas when your visa is granted.


If you were nominated by a State or Territory, you must live, study and work in a regional or low population-growth metropolitan area, and comply with any other residential conditions specified by the relevant State/Territory government agency.

If you were sponsored by a family member, you must live, study and work in a designated area of Australia (any area of Australia with the exception of Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Brisbane metropolitan area).

Please complete the individual assessment form if you would like further information regarding your eligibility for this visa.

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