Migration Plus
Entertainment Visa

The Entertainment visa allows people in the entertainment industry to work in Australia on a temporary basis. This visa can be issued for a maximum of two years.




The business, organisation or individual that wishes to sponsor your visa application must:

  • be an Australian business that is lawfully and actively operating in Australia OR a government agency or foreign government agency OR an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen who usually resides in Australia;
  • nominate you for a position in the entertainment industry (see note below);
  • have a good business record in Australia (this includes a satisfactory sponsorship record, if the business has previously sponsored any overseas workers).


Please contact Migration Plus ( for the requirements regarding the skilled position for this visa.



As the visa applicant, you must:

  • be nominated by the sponsoring business to fill the nominated position in the entertainment industry in Australia;
  • have the experience or skills required for the nominated position;
  • be able to support yourself financially during your stay in Australia;
  • hold adequate health insurance cover during your stay in Australia;
  • meet the relevant health and character requirements

Please note that these are are the minimum requirements for an application for this type of visa. Depending upon your particular circumstances, you may need to meet additional requirements.