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 Dependent Child Visa

The Dependent Child visa is a temporary visa that allows a child to travel to or remain and/or remain in Australia until their parent's permanent Partner visa is finalised. The child must be added to a permanent Partner visa application before the parent's permanent Partner visa has been granted to their parent.

Siblings must lodge separate applications.



As the visa applicant, the child must:
  • be a biological child, stepchild or adopted child of of a parent who holds a temporary Partner visa that does not already include the child.
  • be single (i.e. not married, engaged or in a de facto relationship)
  • be under 18 years old or dependent on their visa-holding parent or incapacitated for work due to the total or partial loss of bodily or mental functions at the time the application is lodged.


The sponsor who is sponsoring the child must:
  • be already sponsoring the child's parent for a permanent partner visa
  • be prepared to provide support for the child and members of their family unit included in the application for at least two years
  • not have been convicted of (or have an outstanding charge for) an offence against a child and meet other character requirements
  • show documents proving parental responsibility if the child is under 18 years old, such written consent of each person who can legally decide where the child lives or a valid court order permitting the child permanent removal from your home country.