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 Work and Holiday Visa

The Work and Holiday visa allows certain tourists aged between 18 and 30 years old to have an extended holiday in Australia, while supplementing their funds with short-term work. The visa is valid for 12 months, and allows multiple entries into and exits from Australia. Visa holders can work for up to six months with each employer, and can study for up to four months.

The Work and Holiday visa program is very similar to the Working Holiday visa program, however it applies to tourists holding passports from a different set of countries, as set out in the table below:

Countries Participating with Australia in the Work and Holiday Program


Czech Republic










San Marino

Slovak Republic


Spain Thailand Turkey
USA Uruguay Vietnam  Peru  Austria

Requirements (depending upon your particular circumstances and/or passport you hold, you may need to meet additional requirements)

Applicants for this visa must: 
  • be between 18 and 30 years of age
  • have a valid passport from a country involved in the Work and Holiday program with Australia
  • have functional English
  • meet the educational requirements (the nature of these requirements vary depending upon the country of the passport that the applicant holds)
  • meet the relevant health and character requirements, and provide evidence of health and/or travel insurance if necessary
  • include a letter of support from your home government with your application (this letter does not guarantee you a place in the Work and Holiday visa program)
  • have sufficient funds to support themselves during the initial stages of their holidays (about AUD 5000).
As with the Working Holiday visa, you must enter Australia within 12 months of the date that your visa is granted.

You are entitled to work for any employer in any location in Australia, as long as you work for no more than 6 months with any one employer.

You must also not study for more than 4 months in Australia.


There is no capacity for holders of this visa to apply for a second Work and Holiday visa based on specific work carried out in a regional area. 'Specified work' includes certain types of work carried out in the plant and animal cultivation, fishing and pearling, tree farming and felling, mining and construction industries. It includes also work carried in tourism and hospitality if you have worked in northern Australia.

Work and Holiday arrangements establish a reciprocal Work and Holiday visa arrangement between two countries and come in to effect when start dates have been agreed.