Migration Plus

 Business Visitor Stream (Visitor Visa)

For people travelling to Australia for short-term business purposes, such as a conference, negotiation or meeting.


As the visa applicant, you must:
  • genuinely intend to visit Australia for one of the following eligible business activities:
    • making general business or employment enquiries
    • investigating, negotiating, signing or reviewing a business contract
    • activities carried out as part of an official government-to-government visit
    • participating in conferences, trade fairs or seminars, and not being paid by the organisers for your participation
  • have personal attributes and a business background that are relevant to your business activities in Australia
  • have access to sufficient funds to cover your costs whilst you are in Australia
  • meet the relevant health and character criteria (this could include a requirement to obtain health insurance for the period of your stay in Australia.


You will be unable to work in Australia during your visit, unless your work is highly specialised, does not adversely affect the employment or training opportunities of Australians, and is not ongoing.

This visa may be subject to a 'no further stay' condition, meaning that you may not be able to apply for another visa while you are in Australia.

Visitors from certain countries may be eligible to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or an eVisitor visa, instead of a Tourist visa. The ETA and eVisitor generally have fewer requirements than the Business (Short Stay) visa, as well as lower application fees. Please contact us if you would like further information regarding these visas.