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Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) Employer Workforce Needs Assessment 

Cairns Chamber of Commerce is currently negotiating a FNQ DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement) Labour agreement which may, if successful, provide an easier pathway for sponsors to employ overseas skilled individuals. The Cairns Chamber of Commerce is seeking input and feedbacks in support of their Business Case submission to the Department of Home Affairs.


We strongly recommend that you support this important agreement by participating in the survey.  Please find below the email from the Cairns Chamber of Commerce with a link to the survey.


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Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA)

Employer Workforce Needs Assessment






Skilled labour shortages have emerged as a key constraint on business activities in recent quarters, particularly after long overdue jobs growth during 2017.

Regional areas have a smaller labour pool to draw from to service a large geographic area and a broad range of industries, which means that the regions rely on attracting skilled workers from outside the area. Only 6% of skilled migrants settle in regional areas and of those, 10 % move to major cities within 18 months. Attracting skilled migration to the regions is therefore an important strategy to build the critical mass of talent needed to sustain and retain talent in TNQ.

The Cairns Chamber of Commerce has been advocating for a Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) in order to satisfy to the differing needs of a regional area.

What is a DAMA?

A two tiered agreement between the Commonwealth and a state/territory or regional body that provides:

· flexibility for a Designated Area Representative (DAR) to respond to their local economic and labour market needs and conditions

· solutions to Australian business where there are skills gaps and shortages that can't be met by the Australian market

· streamlined access to a broader range of overseas workers than available through the standard skilled visa programs

· various negotiable concessions to the standard skilled visa requirements; and

· pathways to permanent residence as major incentives to attract and retain overseas workers

Minister of Immigration David Coleman has requested that Cairns Chamber of Commerce provide an extensive Business Case which supports the need for a Designated Area Migration Agreement. An integral part of the Business Case requires Employers in Far North Queensland to complete a Workforce Needs Survey.

If you have sponsored an Employee now or in the past and would like to retain skilled Migrants in our Region, please click the button below to start the survey. Thank you for your participation!







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