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Migration Plus has developed a mobile phone and tablet "App" with migration, financial, taxation, business information and useful calculators.  This App will be useful for both residents of Australia, and those moving or migrating to Australia temporarily and permanently.

This app is available from the Apple App Store, Google Play or using the QR Code shown and is offered without charge to you!  You can keep it on your phone or tablet for reference.

Free App from Migration Plus

Migration Plus is one of the very first Migration firms to launch a free mobile  App to assist our clients.  The great news is that this App can be downloaded free onto your iPhone, iPad or Android phones.  It's packed full of some really useful Migration, Business, Finance, Tax, Calculators and important dates, all of which you will be able to access for free, anywhere you have an internet connection on your device. 

Get your free App from Migration Plus here:

You can download the App completely free of charge using the links or buttons below.


What will the Migration Plus App do for you?

The App has been carefully designed in response to the growing use of smart phones and mobile devices used by our clients.  We wanted to develop a way to keep you up to date with the very latest news, views and tips from MIGRATION PLUS as well as providing you with key Migration and business information, in real time, at your fingertips.

The Migration Plus App will enable you to check both current migration information and review many other business matters for working in Australia including or checking the amount and rates of tax you might be paying, calculators and logbook feature.  

There is a great deal of powerful migration and business information on this App for you.

Download it now, take a look, you will find it to be useful for many things.

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Dr Christopher Robert White


Registered Migration Agent  MARN 92 55749  QEAC F006

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