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The Cairns Chamber of Commerce is currently negotiating Regional Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) with Commonwealth Government to deliver better migration pathway and outcome for businesses facing skills shortages in Far North Queensland that could not be filled by Australian employees. 

The Cairns Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Immigration are conducting Information sessions in Cairns on 29 and 30 November 2018, and  we invite you to attend one of the information sessions to learn more about the proposed solutions that the DAMA may provide for local businesses and raise the concerns the businesses are facing  due to the changes to RSMS and temporary work visa pathways. 



Designated Area Migration Agreement(DAMA)


Minister of Immigration David Coleman has requested that the Cairns Chamber of Commerce provide an extensive Business Case which supports the need for a Designated Area Migration Agreement.

As part of this process theDepartment of Home Affairs will provide aDesignated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) information sessionsfollowed by open discussions.

If you have sponsored an Employee now or in the past and would like to retain skilled Migrants in our Region, we encourage you to attend the information sessions.



(DAMA) Information Session 1
15:00pm - 17:00pm
Civic Reception Room-
Cairns Regional Council




(DAMA) Information Session 2
10:00am - 12:00pm
Civic Reception Room-
Cairns Regional Council




(DAMA) Information Session 3
13:00pm - 15:00pm
Civic Reception Room-
Cairns Regional Council


Please follow the link below to register for information session.


What is a DAMA?

DAMAs are custom-designed arrangements which support a tailored, regional response to labour needs. They are an important tool in assisting regions to manage workforce strategies that support local growth. The over-arching nature of these agreements allows employers streamlined access to a broader range of overseas workers than allowed under standard skilled migration programmes, without the need to individually negotiate terms and conditions.

The specific advantages of having a DAMA in place for our region include:

•         simplification of visa application system for employers

•         the ability to fill critical skills shortages in tourism, hospitality, agriculture, aviation and other industries facing real labour shortages which can't be  filled by the Australian employees in the region; 

•         the ability to sponsor employees for occupations which are currently not on Australian Skill Shortage lists and negotiate concessions currently not available under the skilled work visas;

•         provide an opportunity for overseas workers to embed in our region, supporting the pathway to permanent residency and addressing population decline, particularly in our rural communities.


The DAMA will not:

•         provide an advantage to overseas workers over Australian workers or

•         be used to erode the wages and conditions of any worker in the region or

•         provide any avoidance of the Fairwork Australia legal obligations of employers


Business Case

In order to successfully negotiate the DAMA Agreement for our region, a strong business case must be presented to the Commonwealth Government, and the Cairns Chamber of Commerce is seeking your urgent feedback regarding the negative effects the skills shortages and inability to fill the skills shortages in your business are causing. To provide feedback, please complete our survey at the following link.


Financial contribution

In order to fund necessary business case study in support of DAMA agreement we are seeking financial contributions – please contact the Cairns Chamber of Commerce on 07 4031 1838 or via For further information on RSMS please visit


We strongly encourage business community to get involved and support the Cairns Chamber of Commerce efforts to negotiate and finalise the DAMA Agreement for Far North Queensland region as a matter of urgency, please contact us should you require further information. Bank details are as follows.


Cairns Chamber of Commerce Inc

BSB: 034612

Account Number: 220210


Regional Certifying Body:

Cairns Chamber of Commerce Inc

New fees and charges

Members: $414.70 (Inc. GST) - 35% member discount

Non-Members: $638.00 (Inc. GST)


The processing fees are non-refundable. 


Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations are to be made in writing, within 24 hours from initial RCB advice request.


On behalf of

Debbie-Anne Bender



We strongly encourage you to support the DAMA Agreement for Far North Queensland region as a matter of urgency

Kindest regards

Mateja Rautner
Principal Migration Agent MARN 1387375


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