Migration Plus

Tribute to Dr Chris White

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we advise the passing of Dr Chris White, who lost his battle with cancer in September 2017. Chris is now at peace.

Chris was awarded the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) Life Membership Award just before his passing, in recognition of his contribution to the migration profession.

Chris was a long-standing member of this profession, having been one of the very first Registered Migration Agents in 1992. He was an active member of the MIA for 25 years, and in that time he was part of the Executive, as well as being a very popular CPD presenter and speaker at industry conferences.

Many currently practicing migration agents who studied at the Australian National University were fortunate to have had Chris as a lecturer and teacher.

Chris has helped thousands of migrants achieve their ultimate dream of living in Australia, and some have become lifelong friends. Chris was highly respected by both his peers and the wider Cairns community for his unconditional love, care and passion for helping others.

Our team at Migration Plus are proud to support Ms Mateja Rautner, our Director and Senior Migration Agent (MARN 1387375), in continuing the legacy of Dr Chris White, and carrying on the good work with honesty and integrity. Mateja has been a valued member of the Migration Plus Team since 2013, has worked very closely with Chris and is also an Australian National University lecturer in Migration Law.

Migration Plus clients can be assured that they will continue to receive the same high level of professionalism, diligence, honesty and integrity from our team in assisting them to achieve their migration goals.

A little about Our Founder

Dr Chris White commenced undertaking Migration Work in Cairns in 1986. This was initially helping business people with their business Migration needs as Cairns started to grow into the dynamic city it is today.

As an Accountant, Financial Planner and Business Advisor Chris understood the workings of Government as well as the needs of business and individuals.Throughout his career worked as an interface between government, commerce and individuals.

The Migration arm of the business grew significantly each year as the word spread of Chris's approach, commitment to client service, and professionalism in this role. Chris trained and mentored many migration agents over the years - indeed many of the migration agents in North Queensland are the product of our practice.

Chris had a passion for client focused customer service, his mantra was to put the client first and the rest will follow on behind. He preached this mantra to many businesses in producing hundreds of business plans for regional based businesses and in running the legendary "Wally - Making Your Business Really Fly" and "Towards Awesome Service" seminars attended by thousands of people in Queensland from Cape York to Brisbane and by some significant franchise operators.

In 2007 Chris sold his practice, but the pressure from the public for his services was so great that in 2009 he re-commenced Migration Plus Network Pty Ltd to assist many of his past and ongoing clients who had been unable to find the same level of service and commitment to their needs elsewhere.

Our founder amongst other things taught the Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Masters of Law at the Australian National University, the premier course for aspiring Migration Agents, delivered Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses for the Migration Institute of Australia, was a registered CPD provider and also a regular and sought after guest speaker at migration seminars and industry association group meeting. Chris was a Director and Chair of numerous public and charitable bodies such as the Great Barrier Reef International Marine College and former President of Yachting Queensland.

Chris held numerous qualifications including a Doctorate of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business, Associateship in Local Government, Diploma in Financial Planning and was a Chartered Accountant, Fellow CPA, Certified Financial Planner, Registered Migration Agent of Course (Chris became registered in 1992 when registration first commenced, thus his MARN 9255749) Tax Agent and Company Auditor, Justice of the Peace, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and undertook the Leadership in Professional Service Firms program at Harvard University in Boston and studied at the California Coast University, the list goes on.

A mix of experience, academia, and ongoing professional development with a passion for putting the client first, as Chris preached, "You don't play tennis watching the scoreboard, if you play the game well, with your eye totally on the ball, the result will be success".

As a result of Dr Chris White's expertise and intense work all over the years, Migration Plus Network Pty Ltd today is steadily, and in accord with sound planning, extending its footprint. Migration Plus agents are located in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast,Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Sydney, Tamworth, Melbourne and New Zealand, Taiwan, Austria with a plan to steadily increase the number of inter-connected franchise businesses, all working through the same computer systems and using the same client focused approach, around Australia and internationally.

We are all honoured and privileged to have had Dr Chris White grace our lives, and he will forever shine in our hearts.