Migration Plus

The Migration Process


 The procedure starts with meetings with the client which could be via email/teleconferences, interviews to review all the aspects concerning the client. Review is done in the following areas:

  • Resume or profile of the business which the client is engaged in.

  • Family background of client in relation to dependency, ages of family members etc.

  • Identification documents of client and validity of the same.

  • Qualifications review. Skill assessment may be required to advise client on their standing in the Labour Market.

  • Passport and visa details like validity, eligibility, status etc. will be assessed.

After all the reviewing is completed, the client is briefed on the findings and how their visa will have to be processed. At the end of stage 1, our advisers will be in a position to determine the strength of your application and whether it is advisable to go ahead with the formalities.



Once all the reviews are favourably cleared, the next stage involves getting all paperwork in place. Various forms and declarations which are required are filled out, and the client is also asked for any further documents that will be required.

Some pre-requisites such as English evidence or other requirements are to be undertaken if necessary.

Attested copies of the relevant documents are sent to the various authorities and all the documents are reviewed and the final step in this stage is lodgement/submission of the application.

Police Clearances and Medicals are obtained (if applicable).


Once the application lodgement is completed, we will communicate regularly with the Department of Home Affairs for the latest status of the visa. Any additional documents or evidence required by the Department is communicated to you. You are also constantly kept posted on the current status of the entire procedure.

In some instances, medicals may be required after lodgement using the lodgement Transaction Number - we will help with this process.

Once all relevant documents are submitted, you are notified of the final decision of the Department of Home Affairs. If the application is accepted, then you are assisted with visa processing.