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Migration Agents

In order to protect prospective migrants from dealing with unscrupulous agents, the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) has been established. The purpose of the Authority is to ensure that only people of good character who have sound knowledge of the migration procedures are registered as migration agents. To visit the internet site of the Migration Agents Registration Authority, click here.

There is a requirement for Migration Agents to keep abreast of developments in migration law and migration procedures in order to qualify for re-registration.

The Migration Agents Regulations provide a strict Code of Conduct for Migration Agents. You are invited to examine the Code of Conduct Apart from a small number of exceptions, only Registered Migration Agents are allowed to give migration assistance or advice. Penalties specified in the Migration Act 1958 for people giving migration assistance when they are not registered Migration Agents are very severe.

 Information about the migration advice profession

The MARA produces a document for clients called The Consumer Guide. The Consumer Guide has information about the migration advice profession, the functions of the MARA, the legislation regulating the profession, what a client can reasonably expect from a migration agent and complaint procedures.This is in various languages and you should read it before engaging a migration agent.