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All our Migration Agents are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Board of Australia       We comply with the Migration Agent Code of Conduct legally required in Australia     Your funds are safe as they are held in a government regulated "Migration Client Account"     We provide a fee based service     All decisions for granting a visa remain with the Australian Government      Migration Forms are also available on the Government website - the government may or may not charge for these forms     We are registered Migration Agents with the Australian Government but we act entirely independently of the Government in representing your case     We take pride in our work and offer exceptional professionalism in dealing with your matters.

 Migration Agents Code of Conduct
We adhere to the Migration Agents Code of Conduct and advise that a copy can be viewed at Code of Conduct.

In particular, it should be noted that a migration agent cannot guarantee the success of an application and that the decision and approval authority rests solely with the Department of Home Affairs.

We follow the professional guidelines and ethics of our professional associations.

A complimentary assessment may apply to new cases, however for complex matters and to address previously lodged cases an initial fee will apply which you will be advised of in advance.

 Migration Review Tribunal
If you have had difficulties with your immigration application and you find that it is refused for inexplicable reasons, we can take your appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

We will advise you of your preferred course of action, brief you on the requirements and attend the hearing with you and follow up with submissions if necessary. This is a complete support service

Your opportunities as a student in Australia are fantastic! We can help with your enrolment, visa and guardian visa if needed. For English School (ELICOS), Senior School, College or University we can help you with the entire journey and provide sound advice along the way.

We are authorised to represent numerous educational institutions and can offer many options for your choice.

Business Skills Migration                      

Australia is the perfect location for you to commence your business activities. We can help you with all aspects of running a business. We will help you to obtain the appropriate visa, prepare a business plan for you, and assist with all aspects of your application from State Sponsorship, assisting you with legislative requirements of owning a business in Australia and providing general advice and assistance.

Investor visas also come under this category. There are further descriptions on enclosed pages. We have accountants on staff who can provide specialist advice on these applications.

Family Migration
We care about you and your loved ones. We appreciate that it can be a very trying time applying for a visa to remain in a close family relationship; family is very important to us and we know we can help you. Parent visas, last remaining relatives and of course your partner married (spouse) or de-facto. 
Employer Sponsored Migration

For sponsors and employees, employer sponsored migration is important. If your business has an identified need to employ staff from the international market, we can prepare a comprehensive application for you. It is the best way for many applicants to obtain permanent residency. This category of migration is extremely important to Australia because it allows employers to fill any shortages in the local labour market, particularly in the tourism and small business sectors.

Helping you, helping others

Migration Plus adds value to the community in which it works. At least 5% of our profit goes towards our contributions to what we call Step Up and Reach Out which assists selected young people from Australia and around the world who choose to improve their position in life through education and learning. Read more

Registration and regulatory information

Migration Plus is a long established, Australian based privately owned independent immigration consultancy with a team of highly skilled OMARA Registered Migration Agents who represent our clients from around the world.  Migration Plus provides fee-based services in addition to the official Government application fees and disbursements to advise, assist and represent our clients through the complex visa application process.

All decisions for granting of a visa remain with the Australian Government, subject to lodging a valid application using the forms or electronic lodgement systems available on the Government website and meeting the relevant criteria. Migration Plus is not affiliated with the Australian Government.  We act independently in assisting and representing our clients interests, we advocate for our clients. The Australian Government registers Migration Agents – all our Agents are registered under that system.  We are also licensed to provide Continuing Professional Development to Migration Agents and we belong to the Migration Institute of Australia.  We take great pride and offer exceptional professionalism in helping you achieve your immigration goal.