Migration Plus

Client Testimonials

We would like to share some of the many feedback and comments from our very happy clients around the world who have been delighted with our service. 

"Tina has always been very helpful. we will come back to her for further visa applications." - China - September 2019

"Thank you Kinga, we appreciate all the hard work, back and forth emails, phone calls and updates, your service is exemplary, I think as a company you clearly have very good governance, policy and procedures. I highly rate your exemplary service customer focus and professionalism, would not hesitatet to recommend your services." - New Zealand - September 2019

"Thank you for your continued support and thoughtful consideration of our situation while assisting us through our application for the Partner Visa (820). It has been an easy and problem free experience working with you and the team. We would be happy to work with you again in future." - Italy - August 2019

"Kinga, a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We cannot say thank you enough for the dedication, support and absolute professionalism of you and the company. Everyone is so lovely to deal with and I wish Dr Chris was here to day to celebrate.

There were few times during the last 4 years that we nearly pulled the pin as we were losing hope, but you continually supported us and we could never have asked you to do a single bit more. Gina and the kid, and of course myself are over the moon and will be forever grateful to you and the team at Migration Plus." - PNG - August 2019

"I knew my application would have been complex to prepare and waiting time very long and stressful, but Mateja and Dao have provided excellent service and advice, they were fully available when needed and also patient and professional all the way. They have been a pleasure to deal with, I am fully satisfied with Migration Plus and would absolutely recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much for making my wish of living in Australia come true!" - Italy - August 2019

"Hi Kinga, thank you so much for the assistance provided by Migration Plus and in particular yourself. You really understand the different nationalities and work with them diligently to get them what they want, and that is something that I believe is something that will make yourself and the Migration Plus stand out amongst the other service providers in the same industry.

Because of the quality of service, understanding clients needs, and working to the clients satisfactions with a very customer focused approach and working beyond expectations is what makes me and my family continue to come to you and the Migration Plus services in the last couple of years. You had made us (Andambo family) as your staunch clients for years to come." - PNG - August 2019

"Hello Rebecca and Mateja, Thank you very much to both of you and the migration Plus team who worked on our application. Your work and experience helped me to get my golden email today. We both and my son too are very thankful to both of you. Special thanks to Rebecca who worked on my application and replied my lots of emails and messages on every stage of my application. Thank you both of you once again." - India - August 2019

"Hi Kinga, what a great week this is going to be, thank you I confirm receipt of all 5 visa grant notices. and thank you once again for pushing us to get all our paperwork in order. We would not have made it had we been relaxed about it I'm sure. On behalf of the whole family, we than Migration Plus for the professionalism and service received to date."

"HI Kinga, thank you very much for all you have done for the family, including myself. I am lost for words, as to be honest with you, I thought this was going to be a long shot that didnt look too bright. You have however pulled this off, and I am totally grateful to you and your associates who assisted in the exercise." - PNG - August 2019

"I am very happy with the service of Migration Plus and my agent Kinga Urban in particular throughout the process. I received great advice and timely communication. My application was prepared, submitted and treated in a very professional way"  Ukraine - August 2019

"Thank you for your kind support. We appreciate your kindness" Japan - July 2019

"Mateja was a pleasure to work with. She answered our question and made us feel important" United States - July 2019

"Smooth transition and very prompt on giving feedbacks and updates" Philippines - July 2019

"My agent Anneli was really cautious and conscientious. She can always reply without any delay and finally helped me to get my visa granted" China July 2019

"Julie was quick to respond to any questions we had and made this process seamless. Thank you." – Venezuela July 2019

"Hi Kinga, thank you so much for such a great news. We really appreciate you and your team for the support you have given to us. Thank you once again." PNG July 2019

"All staffs were fantastic and professional of handling my visa.

Caroline – gave me the confident and dependability from her compassionate heart she is a fix resource to the migration plus. I wish her good health and prosperity for the rest of the life.

Mateja – she is a fantastic service provider with a gracious attitude and she is an eye opener gave me the right direction always; she is an asset to the migration plus. I wish her best with future endurances.

Penelope – she was terrifically amazing, she was very polite and courteous throughout the process, her prompt replies and accuracy second to none. She is a variable capital asset to the company. I wish her happiness and peace forever." – Sri Lanka – July 2019

We found Chris White to be easy and delightful to deal with. Sadly he passed away, but his staff are also helpful and always approachable. Thank you especially to Kinga Urban" – India – July 2019

"On behalf of all our family I would like to thank you for all your hard work. This amazing end result is a testament of your professionalism and dedication to provide us with the best care you could. After such a long journey it took us a few days to even realise that it really came to an end. We're so excited to start our new adventure in Australia"  - Israel – May 2019

"The Migration Plus Team were very professional and showed a lot of care during the whole visa process. During every appointments, everyone was happy to help and kept us well informed. Also, the time of processing of the visa was very surprising and glad I chose Migration Plus. Special thanks to Mateja and Penelope for looking after my application, all their advices and took care of me during the whole visa process." – Hong Kong – May 2019

"I am extremely happy, everyone was very friendly, honest and professional at all times with the handling of the visa application and would highly recommend your services" – Italy – May 2019

"Kinga and Veronica have both been helpful and responsive during the whole process. We used Migration Plus services for our previous visa applications, so we knew somehow that we were in good hands. Thank you Veronica for your professionalism and for looking after us. We highly recommend Migration Plus!" – France
– May 2019

"We would like to thank all of the Team at Migration Plus with a special thanks to Veronica for her hard work and excellent communications throughout the application process. Thank you for a successful outcome!" – Israel 
– May 2019

"Mateja, Julie and the rest of the team have been fantastic throughout our visa process. We couldn't have hoped for a more professional and personal service. Highly recommended." – UK 
– May 2019

" The entire team at Migration Plus was very professional. They replied promptly to any queries I had and Kinga, my migration agent was very helpful with her responses to all of my questions."  Canada - April 2019

" When I had a hard time, Veronica was helping me out to focus on what I am doing. It was honor to meet Veronica"  Korea - April 2019

"Special thanks to Ms. Mateja Rautner and Ms. Fiona Ryan for their professional services. I feel respected and cared by their prompt and helpful response. Really appreciate!!" – China – April 2019

"Thanks for your call this afternoon. Indeed we are so happy that all has ended well. We thank you, Mateja, Caroline and all your team for your support and guidance since we started with you and the organisation in 2017. The journey has been long but now all is well. Thanks Veronica for your understanding especially when I used to nag you all the time with queries. You were calm and very kind in your answers, you dealt with all my queries professionally. You are indeed professionals and I get good commendation from the friends and relatives I send to your team. Keep up this good work." – Kenya – April 2019

" Best migration agent! Succeeded to apply for my student, working and resident visas. Thank you! Best team!!"  China - April 2019 

" Big Thank you to Anneli and Mateja for all their hard work and making sure everything went through. My wife and I are very happy with the service provided by your team."  India - March 2019

" Thank you so much everyone that helped making this happen! I cannot express the relief or feelings going on right now!!"  Germany - March 2019 

" I would like to thank you and Migration Plus for making my dream come true. Reunited with my family. Roberta you have done a magnificent job over the years. Your compassion, professional advice, persistence and following up to every single step on our visas and citizenships was amazing."  Brazil - March 2019

" The staff was amazing, they were listening to my suggestions and also giving me feedback with what I can do to achieve my goal."  PNG - March 2019

"The service is good. Would recommend other to use Migration Plus."  China - March 2019

"Migration Plus is a very professional and effective in assisting us to get visa applications all the time. We are very happy with their service and they have our trust in their excellent work. We will certainly come back should we have the need in future. Thank you!" 
 China - March 2019

"Rebecca was great to work with * very professional at all times."  Ireland - Feb 2019

"A HUGE BIG thanks to Mateja & Fiona for all the help to get me my future secured in Australia by guiding me to the right way to become part of this beautiful community. You guys have always been positive, caring and professional throughout. Always replied promptly and have taken care of your clients. I am so happy that I choose you. Thank you so much again."  India - Feb 2019

" I can highly recommend Julie and Migration Plus. We had a very efficient process in spite of difficulties with time-zones etc. The professional attitude and helpfulness Julie displayed made her a real asset! Thank you Julie."  South Africa - Feb 2019

"Such amazing news, thank you so much for all your help along the way."  UK - Feb 2019



"We were very happy with the service. Veronica our migration agent was very professional and friendly. We would highly recommend migration plus to other people."  Israel - Feb 2019

"We had the best experience dealing with Migration Plus. My partner and I have now been successful applicants for a 187 sponsorship visa with a huge help of the migration plus team. We couldn't recommend them enough. They are so helpful and supportive and they give you a step by step plan of what needs to happen next regarding paper work ect at a perfect timing so your don't need to go over things again and again. Everyone's so friendly in the office and it was worth every penny of their expert help and support."  UK - Feb 2019

"We had a wonderful experience with Veronica in Migration Plus. The service was professional and friendly. Everything was done in order and we were approved for our visa within less than a year. Highly recommended."  Canada - Feb 2019

"Very happy with the service provided by Veronica and her team. We were impressed by the high level of professionalism and were always treated with courtesy. All our queries were responded to quickly and provided excellent information and direction." 
 Scotland - Feb 2019

"All staff were helpful & prompt. Our agent Kinga in particular was not only very professional but compassionate & understanding. We are truly grateful and so happy we choose Migration Plus to handle our case."  China - Feb 2019

"Thank you very much for uniting me and Kartika in such a short time. We have a beautiful daughter, Radhya with us now. Really appreciate the service provided by the Migration Plus team."  Fiji - Jan 2019

"Our agent Warren and Mateja were very professional, they gave me and my partner directions and answers clearly and effectively, that made the visa applying process easy for us, really glad to work with them."  Taiwan - Jan 2019

"Thank you so much everyone that helped making this happen! I cannot express the relief or feelings going on right now."  Germany - Jan 2019

"Special thanks to Ms Mateja Rautner and Ms Fiona Ryan for their professional services. I feel respected and cared by their prompt and helpful response. Really appreciate!!"  Taiwan - Jan 2019

"The Migration Plus team were always professional, helpful and thorough, guiding us through the complex process to a timely and positive outcome. Thank you so much Julie."  Sponsor - Jan 2019

"Thanks a million to Dao Thomsen and all the members of Migration Plus team! I consider myself very lucky to have Dao assigned for my application. I bothered her a lot with stupid questions and my girlfriend came in Australia and went back to Korea several times making things a bit complicated. But Dao always responded kindly and gave us good advices. She even responded at night times and weekends.

Caroline helped me a lot with some of the documents not only about getting documents witnessed but she also gave me helpful advices as well! Thanks to Mateja for giving some good consultations with us at the beginning stage. I'll definitely recommend you guys to others who want Australia Visa! Thanks very much again."  South Korea - Jan 2019

"Marney and Mateja was the agent in charge of my  application, they are very professional, accommodating & always give you genuine advice on your visa. It was the perfect decision to go to Migration Plus & will definitely recommend them for your visa needs!"  Philippines - Dec 2018

"Great team and professional staff to resolve the issue. I am very delighted with the work."  India - Dec 2018

"Words may not fully express how much delighted we are to have received this great news!   We sincerely want to convey our gratitude and utmost appreciation for your diligence and relentless support you have accorded us during this tough journey.  We are very pleased and happy on the outcome of this visa application and we look forward to maintaining the visa conditions as Marylyne successfully completes her studies. 

 We wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays and have a prosperous new year 2019!  Much appreciated.   Kenya - Dec 2018

"Very professional, knowledgeable service. I was extremely satisfied."   Czech Republic - Dec 2018 

"Absolutely recommend Migration Plus!  Fantastic group of professionals with strong skillset and knowledge.  First of all a big thank you to Veronica Kyriakou, she was always available and helpful throughout the entire process when I had questions, to Mateja Rautner and Caroline Cheng for overseeing the whole process and to Kinga Urban for her advice and honesty.  Thank you for helping me realize my dream!"  Slovak Republic - Dec 2018


"Absolutely Nr one immigration Agency in Australia. The biggest rollercoaster in live have been possible to ride so far with the most amazing customer service and commitment they have with you as their client, you are not just a number you are true value to them and they will go out of their way to help you to apply for the right visa and follow the right process to get the best results. My favourite person and official nr 1 agent I ever met called Mateja, so super kind, thank you so much for the always great support."   Netherlands - October 2018  

"Thank you so much Kinga and the team at Migration Plus you made this whole process so simple we can't thank you enough."   U.K. - Oct 2018

"Very fast response to emails and very knowledgeable.  Provided excellent guidance on our immigration."   New Zealand - Oct 2018

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank the agents that worked on our case!

They were professional in a friendly manner, with a lot of patience!  Answered all our questions right away.  The feelings and emotions were overwhelming and its very stressful, they were there when we needed them, the feedback when our agent went on leave was also not interrupted at all. 

We will never be able to thank them enough!  They are a great team and I will never hesitate to recommend them, I already just did that.

I would like to especially thank Kinga and Mateja!!  You guys are great.

A big thank you from
The Kampman family 
South Africa - Sept 2018

"During the visa application and processing time we have faced some issues and uncertainty, however, our Migration Agent, Kinga Urban, was able to provide decisions tailored to our situation, and just a couple of weeks ago I have received a permanent resident status!  The Migration Plus team is one of the most professional and experienced migration service providers in Cairns and my partner and I could not recommend their service enough.  Many thanks!   Lithuania - Sept 2018

"I can't thank you guys enough for the amazing support and high quality service. My visa application was impeccable and my agent Roberta couldn't be more understanding and professional.  I strongly recommend Migration Plus."   Brazil - Sept 2018

"I had very good experience with Migration Plus.  I am satisfied with the services.  They handled my file in professional way.  I really thanks to Fiona and Penelope, they guided me throughout my application process.  All I will say it is a right place for migration purposes."   Pakistan - Sept 2018

"Dear Readers, I am honoured to share with you my family's wonderful and forever treasured experience with Migration Plus Network Pty Ltd. My family and I moved to Townsville, Australia in mid 2011 from Papua New Guinea. We were on an international student visa as I took up full time studies to complete by Business Administration and Justice studies. I successfully completed my studies and opted with my family to extend our stay in Australia permanently as we liked Australia. I had a good Uncle (Alfred) in Townsville who successfully migrated to Australia 20 years prior and he recommended I establish contact with Migration Plus as he had engaged their services. Through Migration Plus my uncle and his family successfully obtained their Australian Citizenship. I established the free initial contact with Migration Plus and sent them my updated CV for review on what options may be available for me and my family as a pathway to migrating permanently. The team were upfront and thorough with their assessment and suggested options subject to Migration law. With a clear pathway picture of what we needed to do, I commenced the process of applying for employment. I successfully secured employment as a Sales Manager in a regional location and linked up my to be new employer with Migration Plus. Migration Plus managed my application from bridging visa, permanent residency and subsequently my family being granted Australian Citizenship in November 2015. The department of Immigration and Border Protection had declined my permanent residency application however Migration Plus lodged an appeal with the  Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and Migration Ombudsmen of Australia. We won the case through Migration Plus. Today, my family and I are proud Australian citizens. My wife has a management role, my eldest daughter is in her first year at Griffith University studying International Business, my other daughter has set mind on studying law while my 2 younger sons are progressing well in primary and middle high school levels. I was promoted 2 years ago to manage the Corporation that employed me as a sales manager. I have travelled for work on my new Australian passport for work in Singapore, Los Angeles, Houston Texas, Washington DC, New York, Santa Fe New Mexico. In May-June 2018, I travelled with my team of Indigenous Australian artists for our group exhibitions in Motiers Switzerland and visited the Eastern Region of France. My family sincerely thanks Late Dr Chris White, Caroline Cheng, and the migration agents who worked professionally hard to ensuring that what the Australian Migration law defined in law was translated to the outcomes me as a client was hoping for and they as a service provider could process. We still keep our cultural and traditional connection with Papua New Guinea but on the balance have and continue to adapt to a wonderful, fair and mutually good nation, our new home of Australia. I have no hesitation in recommending Migration Plus Lty Ltd to you, your family or friends. Things won't happen over night but have patience as every case, every application type, differs in nature and circumstances. Follow what the migration agent requires of you from start to finish, provide all the documentation they require for your application and while waiting learn more about the Australian way of life. I give migration plus a perfect score card of 10 out of 10. From an extremely satisfied former client. Enoch, North Queensland."  - PNG July 2018


"Would give staff and especially Kinga a higher rating if I could.  Kinga not only does her job professionally but really cares about you and understands the position and complexities you have to deal with."   China/Australia - July 2018


U.K. - June 2018

 "Instruction was simple and accurate that easy to follow through.  Given easy access to the support through either email and phone."   Sponsor - June 2018 

"I was very satisfied about Migration Plus. Especially Veronica always tried to make sure every single fact before applied visa and after requested about any issue."    Korea - June 2018 

"Team really went above and beyond to help. Special thanks to Mateja. Couldn't ask for more!"   India  - June 2018  

"Through the long process, Kinga and the team have been professional but also understanding and supportive to us.  It has been a pleasure to deal with Kinga and has restored my faith in people. You are amazing Kinga. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."   China - May 2018

"We are grateful to Migration Plus for another successful visa application.  We would like to thank Veronica for helping us all throughout the process of our Partner visa application, for answering our queries and concerns promptly and for just making things easier for us. We are so greatly satisfied with the excellent service we received. I would definitely and highly recommend Migration Plus to everyone."  Philippines - May 2018

"Great service provided, have recommended to family and friends for future visa applications."   PNG - May 2018

"I was treated very well at Visa Connection, Migration Plus later on.  Penelope and Fiona handed my case with professionalism, always explaining what my options were and addressing my questions (and I had many).  It was the best option to go with Migration Plus and I am very grateful for all the help and assistance I have received."   Italy - March 2018 

"Our agent Tom Foran has been so very much too helpful with our application.  We couldn't have done it without him.  Job very well done Tom.  Keep up the good work."   PNG - February 2018

"Professional, knowledgeable, experienced.  I highly recommend Migration Plus to anyone who requires immigration services."   Canada - February 2018

"Migration Plus has been a great support throughout our visa process.  I would highly recommend Migration Plus to others.  Special thanks and regards to Anneli Korhonen."  India - January 2018

"I am overall very happy with the service I received in launching my citizenship application.  Staff were very helpful and understanding."   PNG - January 2018

"I am incredibly grateful for the work Migration Plus has done for me.  I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend Migration Plus' excellent services."   Singapore - January 2018


"Veronica has been very good.  She act very fast and precisely.  Her multi-language skils made this process very easy for us.  I will definitely recommend her to others."   Italy - January 2018

"Ms Kinga Urban worked on my student visa application.  At start, I was very nervous, very unhappy because of fear of returning back to home country because my visa was expiring soon.  But with the help of Kinga, I got my student visa. Now I am very happy. She is excellent in her work. Thank you so much."    India - Dec 2017 

"Our case was complex and was bound to fail as I didn't meet the criteria to apply for permanent residency as I was misled by my previous migration agent. Dr Chris White and his team's advice and dedication led us to a beautiful win.  They were professional and knowledgeable.  Thank you Migration Plus. We are now one happy family!"   Mauritius - Dec 2017

"During all the process my agent was really reliable giving me all the requested information.  The efficiency and quickness were rewarded with the impressively quick visa issued by the Australian government.  Thank you!   Brazil - Nov 2017

  "Words cannot express how grateful my family and I are for your professional and well done job in helping us to obtain this visa 187."   PNG - October 2017 

 "Dao was fantastic and very responsive. Made our application very smooth. Thank you!"     U.K. - Sept 2017

 "We thank Dr White for meeting us and answered our many questions in the very beginning. Ms Rautner provided us detailed answer to our enquiries on our second visit. Many thanks to Ms Korhonen for the help along the process."    China - Sept 2017 


"Thanks Rebecca and the Migration Plus for the hard work and kind help.  It's very lucky of me to be with you guys."   China - Sept 2017

"Very prompt in response.  Much appreciate all that has been done."   PNG - Sept 2017