Client Testimonials

We would like to share some of the many feedback and comments from our very happy clients around the world who have been delighted with our service.

" I am very delighted with how the staff worked together with me step by step till my visa announced granted. It was very helpful :)" P.N.G - April 2017

" We would like thank and commend Marney Richardson for her diligence and commitment in assisting us, and even working on Christmas and New Year's Day. She patiently guided us navigate through the convoluted process and also kept us informed through the developments which was very important for us.

Overall our experience with the service provided by migration Plus has been exceptionally satisfying. The client focus approach transpired as genuine and caring to the individual applicant rather than just a business activity. With this, we have no hesitation in recommending your service to anybody. In fact, I have personally spoken to some people about your service. I hope they will avail of your service and be satisfied of the outcome as we have." Philippines - April 2017

"Very friendly staff. Thanks for all your help. Thanks a lot from me and Rebecca" India - April 2017

" Special thanks to Dr Christopher & Mateja Rautner and all Migration Plus team, for highly professional service. Mateja very professional always answer my emails and phone call ASAP even straight at mid-night. Thanks Mateja & Chris"  India - March 2017

" Veronica helped us with our fiancee visa application. She was helpful and thorough throughout the entire process. She was always patient with our constant questions & endeavored to always reassure us & explain everything. We had a succesful outcome Jan 2017 & will continue to use the services of Migration Plus in the near future. Thank you!"  Philippines - Feb 2017

" Tina was fantastic and very professional. Everything was so accurate it make a stressful process as calm as it could be!" U.K. - Feb 2017

" Your customer service is excellent" P.N.G. Feb 2017

" Tom was very enthusiastic and attentive whilst working on our application and we really felt we were being supported every step of the way. We could not have asked for a better service from him or the rest of the team who had communication with us for the various stages of the application process. Thank you. We will recommend to all!" U.K. - Jan 2017


" I truly felt that Tina was emotionally invested in our case and was working diligently to provide a fantastic AAT submission that was very thorough and won the case for us. I can never thank you enough" U.K. - January 2017 

"Seriously couldn't recommend Migration Plus enough!  Kinga helped me with my De Facto visa application and was so kind, helpful and thorough.  She was patient and understanding with my constant questions and thoughts.  She helped me stay calm when I had any worries and was just completely amazing overall  I would strongly recommend Migration Plus to anyone looking for a Migration agent.  They are truly amazing! Thank you!!!."    U.K. - Dec 2016

"Ms Tina Edwards's professionalism, pleasant manner and legal expertise meant that I have made the right choice to get a positive outcome for our visa applications.  We are completely satisfied with the work and professionalism of Tina and all the staff at Migration Plus."   China - Nov 2016

"Excellent service!  Always there to clarify questions and assist me."   Canada - Oct 2016

"I could not have been happier with the service provided.  A big thank you to Kinga and the Migration Plus team."   U.K. - Oct 2016

"Thank you for the very professional and friendly way that you Chris and your team always handle our applications.  From the very first day we step into your office i was comfortable to leave this very important part of our new lives in your hands. We could just focus on farming knowing that you and your staff will do the hard work and all the correct things.

We are grateful but even more important we have meet valuable people and i trust that our friendship will last for years to come. Thank you very much."   South Africa - Oct 2016

"Your agency did a great job on helping me applying a subclass 457 visa successfully.  Especially I am impressed by your agent's professional attitude and patience."  China - Sept 2016

"We are delighted to have Kinga assisted the application.  She is an expert.  She gave us the feedback regularly and always respectful to answer all questions we asked, even she sent those answers before.  We never worried about anything after the lodging, as we have Kinga and all other professional employees in Migration Plus to assist.  Thank again for your help."...China - Sept 2016   

Very helpful and friendly team.  Providing excellent services to achieve positive outcome.  My Big thanks to Caroline Cheng, Veronica Kyriakou and specially to Dr Chris White for his advice and support."...India - Aug 2016 

"My family has received their citizenship yesterday.  i have attached one picture here.  We thank you all for your assistance and guidance over this long period of time.  A simple word "thank you" is not just enough.  We will keep in our pray for your good health and prosperity."....Bangladesh - Aug 2016

"When we first contacted Migration Plus in 2013, our case was hopeless but we wanted to give it a try anyway to get some time to find a sponsorship. As we entered Migration Plus's premises we were pleased to see the professionalism of everyone working there.  We were introduced to Dr Chris White and we discussed our case which according to the statistics had no chance of succeeding.Chris and his team helped us rebuild our case which was with the Ministerial department. Our case moved from zero chance of succeeding to a 50% chance.The professionalism that Chris and his team handled our case was amazing! Always had feedbacks from Chris and Caroline, we were always in the loop nothing was missed.When we finally got an email from Chris letting us know that our 457 visa has been granted, it was not completely a surprise as everyone involved at Migration Plus worked so hard to obtain a successful outcome.  We look forward to work with Migration Plus for our Permanent Residency visa. I would recommend Migration Plus as "the impossible become possible"!... Mauritius - Jul 2016

"I am over the moon. I am very excited and greatly appreciate all the efforts that you put into helping me with all the paper work. My family and me would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to you Fabiana; a big thank you to the Migration Plus team. Fabiana, you have been great to us with the main application and as well XX's BVB applications. Once again a big thank you. I will do my english tests and will apply for PR once I get registered as a nurse and find employment. I will come and see Migration Plus to help me out with that visa too. I am talking to my PNG friends to see Migration Plus for their visa needs because you are a great team.Thank you Fabiana and God bless you my good friend"... PNG - June 2016

"Swift, patient, informative and very friendly.  Thanks!" ....Netherlands - June 2016

"My special thanks to Roberta and your team for the wonderful job on my visa application.  As a customer I am delighted with the support and professionalism."

"Dear Dr Christopher R White

I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the contribution made on my visa application to Mrs Roberta Dusmuir for the magnificent job. 

I really appreciate the endless hours of services that Roberta dedicated to have all paper works completed on time to lodge my visa application.  Also, I was personally impressed with the way Mrs Dusmuir kept me and my family motivated and positive, even if in the face of several obstacles.  

Thanks for providing me excellent professional services. 

I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who needs assistance with visas."....Brazil - June 2016

"I am so happy with the result and Kinga is the one who can make this happen!  She is so caring and kind all the time!"....South Korea - June 2016

"It has been a long journey. This journey was also with Migration Plus and you as well. We were privileged to have you as our Migration Agent handling and managing our family's Australian Citizenship application.You demonstrated a high work ethic standards, you were very good with the attention to detail, your communication made is not feel like just clients to your business but made as feel important and your knowledge in your field was excellent,You and the Migration team will always remain a part of our new Australian heritage. We pray that all will go well for you and that you will be more successful in all that you do now and into the future.The next time we are in Cairns, we will do a courtesy visit to you. With appreciation and thankfulness." ... PNG - May 2016

"Best team effort - we are completely and truly satisfied with the services.  It's congratulations all round, more so to, Kinga, Jan and Caroline for the hard work and perseverance in difficult times and meeting deadlines.  It's been a real journey, as a family, we never doubted all circumstances.  We had 100% trust in Kinga and team to deliver." ...PNG - April 2016

"Big thank you to Kinga Urban for excellent service.  We truly appreciate all the time and patient you took in helping us about the visa." ...Lithuania - April 2016

"Great team, excellent service, very helpful and supportive throughout the process, will recommend them to others."....Nigeria - March 2016 

"My husband and I were very pleased with the level of professionalism & caliber of service we received from all Migration Plus staff we interacted with, most notably Kinga.  Many thanks for your assistance!"....USA - March 2016


On behalf of me and my family, we would like to big thanks to you for all the work, help and support you have given us since our RSMS Visa lodgement to Permeant Resident.

All the time I consulted with TOM SIR, he is incredibly honest, sincere, reliable and very cooperative even replying back when he was meant to be on holiday with family in CANADA!! I honestly felt that we are in with right person who care even from the CANADA. No matter what query I would have, he would always reply back promptly with clear instructions.

I also appreciate CHRIS WHITE SIR and MIGRTION PLUS team who were also allocated their time whenever it was needed.

I will continue to highly recommend your services to anyone who requires assistance in their visa application.

Once again thank you very much for everything you've done for me & my family."....India - March 2016

"I have never before been treated so well and professionally as I have been with Migration Plus, specifically Mateja and Dr White.  A very big Thank you is in order."....South Africa - Feb 2016

"The Migration Plus team has done an amazing job!  We could not find a better place to get our visa that quickly considering our situation.  We cannot thank them all enough." ....France - Feb 2016 

"Really happy, very professional.  I will suggest your company to anyone." .....
France - Feb 2016 

"Incredibly diligent and meticulous staff, thank you very much."....United Kingdom - Jan 2016 

"Kinga, Caroline & Dr Chris were all totally supportive & encouraging throughout the process.  We had times of frustration, demoralisation & wanted to give up, but their support helped us get through.  thank you all!"....PNG - Jan 2016

   "Great experience working with Tom and the team!" - India - Dec 2015


Kinga, Caroline & Dr Chris were all totally supportive and encouraging throughout the process. We had times of frustration, demoralisation and wanted to give up, but their support helped us get through. Thank you all." Papua New Guinea - Dec 2015

"What a fantastic news indeed! My wife and I are so overjoyed and I make it very clear that this would not have been possible without your extremely professional work in the entire process to the successful outcome we have received. Thank you also to Dr Chris. I am extremely satisfied and yes the outcome came exactly one year after you first lodged the claim application. Congratulations Tina! This result is the fruit of your hard work. My wife and are grateful to you." Papua New Guinea - Dec 2105

"I'm really happy with service" - India - Nov 2015

"All we wait for now is notification from either XXXX Shire Council or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on our Citizenship ceremony date.This outcome is a testament to the excellent work Kinga Urban has put for my family's application process and demonstrates the solid and successful record of Migration Plus Pty Ltd as experts in this field. My wife and I will continually recommend Migration Plus to people who may require your services.  Migration Plus also becomes critical in my family's Australian History journey.  We are truly blessed. We thank you all from Dr Chris, Caroline, Fabiana, Kinga, Tina Edwards and your entire team including yourself for helping make our Australian Dream come to pass in such a short time.  With appreciation..." - Papua New Guinea - Nov 2015
"I'm happy to say your team supported us every step of the way, as visa lodgement can be quite a stressful event, it was so great to know we could ask as many questions as we needed to and so far we have been successful! Thank you for your great team work, your honest advice and also your confidential manner in liaising with us."- India - Oct 2015
"Can't imagine having better agents/representatives, very professional and friendly." - Slovenia - Oct 2015

"My wife and I thank you, Kinga, Dr White and Jan for the warm welcome to your office today. My wife and I value the fact that you've all treated us with great importance. We thank Kinga for her sound work and accurate work in our Australian Citizenship application. With appreciation and gratitude..." - Papua New Guinea - Oct 2015

"No comment! You done a great job for my visa." - Philippines - Oct 2015

 "Rohan and Chris were kind, professional and were always available! Apart from a minor misunderstanding everything went smoothly!" - Denmark - Oct 2015

India - Aug 2015

 "I am very satisfied with all the works Mateja did in this process especially the fast reply of my questions out of the working time even in the late nights". - China - Sept 2015

 "Ms Kinga Urban did a really good job from A to Z taking into account the complexity of our application.  She is really professional and attentive.  We will definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a migration agent". - France - Sept 2015

 "I am very satisfied with all the works Mateja did in this process, especially the fast reply of my questions out of the working time even in the late night" - China - Sep 2015

"Ms Kinga Urban did a really good job from A to Z taking into account the complexity of our application. She is really professional and attentive. We will definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a Migration Agent". - France - Sep 2015

"In 2014 , I applied for Australian visa twice, I was refused in both application, my case was complicated and situation in my home country had added more complications to the application. After this, I contacted several immigration firms and lawyers, non of them even replied to my e-mails and all of them almost requested fees for consultation or evaluation, till I found Mr. Tom Foran, who was so kind to reply for my endless emails and questions, Mr. Tom kindly advised me regarding my situations and best possible options for my case. Almost a year later when I contacted him, he guided me to Ms. Claire Barton, who took my case. She is very professional and patient, she cared for each detail I never paid attention to. Ms. Claire helped preparing my documents, gathering relevant information, and done a great work and finally I was granted a visa in only one week after the application. I thank Claire so much for her great efforts. Tom and Claire have a bank of humanity and patience before bank of immigration law knowledge and professionalism. I would recommend this great team of Migration plus to anyone who is searching immigration assistance. Again, Thank you Tom, Claire, Jan and all of the amazing migration plus team. Yours sincerely..." - Yemen - Sep 2015

"Tom is very helpful and professional.  Communication was spot on and awesome!" - India - Aug 2015

"Good Morning Chris, I would like say thanks from core of my heart.  You have done a wonderful job throughout the whole process.  I would love to use your service in future as well. Thank you once again!  5 stars to your service" - Aug 2015

"Oh my God! You made my day today, such an awesome decision to chose Migration Plus. Moreover I really love the way you work.  And also will recommend you to my friends and near ones.Thank you so much for going through my application so deeply  Luv your work. Thanks and have a good one" - Aug 2015 

"Thank you for your great work! Tina Edwards is exceptional worker. She was always helpful and her reaction to any of my emails, phone calls was attended to in short period of time. It was a pleasure dealing with such a professional agent.  Thank you!" - Jul 2015

"This is (name) sister. I want to thank you sincerely as I have cleared my AMC part 1 exam. You motivated me to give this exam and I cleared it. Thank You very much for your encouragement and guidance. I wanted to thank you personally by coming but I am in India. Thank you once again."

Some words from a person in Indonesia we were able to assist with our "helping you, helping others" program

"On 2007 I met you like a moon in mid day, I felt cold, fresh and so on in happiness and together looked around our Island as a real family and I have felt it until now, but you spent your time here not so long its because of your duties so you back to your home town. Although you have back I still realised  that we are still closed and you are always in our heart. I can't talk much about that, about what you have done for us, I can't talk it in a real words, I can't  write it like a narrative story, still in my mind that you are my Guardian Angel, in the first time I though that I have no dream but because of you I have got my dream as an English teacher.
Now I heard that you have sick because of weather, how can I do for you? I just went to prayer house for praying for you as you cure soon and can light the candle for us on X- mas night., May God bless you also, us here, Best wishes"

"We have great respect for you all and thank you that Migration Plus had always displayed a high level of integrity, consistent and superior customer service, friendly and approachable, and high Migration and associated Industry, legislation and law acumen knowledge through every individual I've dealt with : Dr C.White, yourself, Fabiana, Dianne and not forgetting Kinga." - PNG"

I believe that the service I received from Migration Plus is something you'd never be able to receive from any other migration agency services. It is how wonderful it was for its speed, sincerity, kindness and security" - Japan
"You took us on a very memorable journey into Australia. The two young boys pray for Kinga all the time. I
t was a real journey but we got through the process with your patience, understanding and perseverance. You are total professionals at what you do and we will not hesitate to recommend Migration Plus to others. Thank you so much Kinga for your valuable assistance. We always thank the Lord for you." - PNG
"I loved the way Migration Plus dealt with my case. This is most reliable agency for visa work. Thank you for everything" - India
"Chris White, Claire Barton, Caroline Cheng & Team - On behalf of myself and my family in Australia and Papua New Guinea, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you Chris White and your immigration team for the positive result received from the Minister's Office in relation to my Permanent Visa. Words cannot explain my utmost joy for the long awaited decision. This result would not have come about without your valuable advice and action regarding my situation. I am still overwhelmed and in awe of the decision that was made in my favour, many thanks to you and your team. No words can describe my joy and will recommend your services to my personal and business connections both onshore and overseas, in particular, Papua New Guinea. Once again, many thanks from the bottom of my heart to you all who contributed to making this a very happy joyous event for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you all. Yours sincerely"

"Tina was a great agent who helped me through my hard time with my visa, especially when I did not have much time left with my previous visa. She provided a great number of advices and encouragement guiding me through the whole complicated process. I am really happy to have her assistant as my agent and I really look forward for her helps again in any coming visa. Thank you so much." - Vietnam

"We are so happy and grateful to you and your team for a job well done. God has been gracious to us and we are happy and thankful. My wife and I are so excited beaming with joy. We thank God and thank you very much." - Liberia
"The team at Migration Plus were professional, friendly and very helpful during this stressful process. Thank you" - PNG
"Roberta was very honest and straightforward since our first meeting. That was the main reason we decided to work with Migration Plus. She was consistent and persistent even when we had problems with my sponsor. I am really grateful to her" - Brazil
"Very hardworking staff with good knowledge. Always smiling with clients. Feeling very proud to be in safe hands - India
"I really appreciate your service, particularly Tom, who always keep informed promptedly. I look forward to seeing you all soon and I wish to use your service in the future. Thank you." - Cambodia
"A special thanks for your continued efforts and dedication on all of these applications. It is greatly appreciated!" - Sponsor

"I can't thank you enough for all you help to me. Looking forward to see you and thank you personally. I'm so happy and blessed. Again thank you so much" - Philippines

"Hi Migration Plus team, I'm just processing an RSMS application for Tom and I just wanted to let you know that ALL Migration Plus' application packages are of the highest standard. It is an absolute pleasure to work with them. Thanks for your efforts" - Regional Certifying Body

"Shereen and I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big "Thank you" for your assistance in helping us obtain our residence in this beautiful country.   We are truly grateful. The service you provided is to be commended. It was so encouraging to be informed,all along the way, of the progress of our application. This really helped to relieve any anxiety we were experiencing, and it was great to know, if we had any queries or concerns, that we could contact you at anytime, and receive the assurance we needed. Thank you again, and be assured we would recommend your services to anyone we may meet or know, that requires assistance with immigration enquiries or help." - Zimbabwe

"We were satisfied with your service and how prompt the communication was. Fabiana did an awesome job. We highly recommend your service." - Fiji

"It was truely a stressful time in our lives but the outstanding service, experienced staff and diligent effort in confidentially assisting us made the experience memorable. Furthermore, quite simply we have achieved a milestone with help every step of the way. Thank you Dr Chris, Yoko and all who work tirelessly at Migration Plus. God bless you all! - PNG

"I and my wife are satisfied from Migration Plus service and communication about my RSMS 119 visa and special thanks to Ms Kinga Urban and Mr Chris White and thanks to all Migration Plus staff & team." - India

" was a real pleasure meeting and working with you and Dr Chris. The results were fantastic. I highly recommend your services to anyone, so please use us as a professional recommendation where ever you may feel appropriate." - Hong Kong

"We were delighted with level of services we had. Roberta was always very prompt in getting back to us with answers to our questions. Chris was very informative when I first enquired about Tume coming out to Australia. A great team." - Mongolia
"I am very happy with your service and would like to thank all of you for your kindness and your support." - India

"Hi Kinga, thank you very much for all your effort and energy that you put towards our case to bring it to a good end. We really appreciate that, in very bad time you was helping us like a family member. Thanks for all your support" - India

"The response from the agent was always prompt we felt well looked after and not a file number" - Belgium
"Thanks very much Migration Plus. Service was excellent and you made the whole process much less stressful than it otherwise would have been. We are very happy with the quick result" - Korea
"We were very pleased with the speed and efficiency of the service provided. Kinga was fantastic and we are very grateful to her" - Chile
"Thanks a lot for your guys, I was so happy when I received the PR granted letter from Kinga. The service was so good. They always keep eyes on me ad update all the information to me from I applied PR visa until I granted it only took less than 4 weeks" - China
"We are very grateful for your assistance Claire and the whole team of Migration Plus" - India
Very satisfied with the excellent service. Thank you all, Dr Chris White, Kinga Urban and rest of the team for the great and timely help" - PNG
my emails were answered within 24 hours. Very professional." - UK

"Chris is the best migration path finder in the world for Australia.  Thankyou and the team! "

"I just want to say Arigato gozaimasu from the bottom of my heart <3 it's been a long road for us and pretty stressful at times as well, I never doubted Tomoko getting her visa but at times it scared me not knowing the out come because of my love for her.....from day one I felt very comfortable using your company and especially having you as our is the happiest day of my life and I know things will just get better from this day on....Yoko san I'm so happy right now please send a Thank You to everyone else in your office that helped and made me feel welcomed using Migration did a awesome job Yoko san Thank You Thank you Thank You Whoooooohooooooo.......I can't believe it, now I can marry the most beautiful woman in the world :-)we will be in touch and once again I can't Thank You enough :-D" - Japan

 "I was always called back by someone to keep me aware of what was going on. A big thank you to Chris for all his advice and help." - UK

"Excellent service achieving a positive outcome. Great knowledge of the methods required and options available" - UK

 "We are really thankful to all of you guys. You'd been a very good lawyer to us. Migration Plus expertise is exceptional. We won't forget all the goodness you had shown to us" - Philippines

 "I am very satisfied with Migration Plus service because the friendly workers always being helpful when I had problems." - Korea

"First of all I am very grateful and I am very satisfied. Secondly, I think all lawyers are very professional, very capable, conscientious attitude and helpful. Thanks again" - China

"Thank you very much for all your support and effort for my case. I'm really lucky to have you to dealing with my visa. It is literally great Christmas present for me! I wish you all the best over the Festive Season and hope you get to spend some quality time with your families. All I want to say is, I'm extremely appreciating to your hardworking until we finally can get this pleasant news." - Korea

"Migration Plus staff are very welcoming, helpful and friendly.  I appreciate especially they have good patience to understand our problems. Thanks for everything you did to me." - India

"I would like to thank you and Migrationplus officers for a job well done. Special appreciation to Yoko who has done a marvelous job and bringing to completion our goal for pr here in Australia. I have been truely impressed by the level of professionalism by all staff who one way of another had a part in the whole process. Not only that, but the friendliness and pleasant manners of the staff when I phoned in each time, gave me a great sense of satisfaction to have chosen Migrationplus as my agent." - PNG

"Obviously happy the visa was granted however I was very happy with the service provided Migration Plus. Very friendly and professional! Thanks!" - UK

"Very good and high efficiency. Grateful service" - China

"I like all service. They treat me very well with respect and they were helpful staff. I am thank to all team members." - India

Helping you, helping others

Migration Plus adds value to the community in which it works. At least 5% of our profit goes towards our contributions to what we call Step Up and Reach Out which assists selected young people from Australia and around the world who choose to improve their position in life through education and learning. Read more

Registration and regulatory information

Migration Plus is a long established, Australian based privately owned independent immigration consultancy with a team of highly skilled OMARA Registered Migration Agents who represent our clients from around the world.  Migration Plus provides fee-based services in addition to the official Government application fees and disbursements to advise, assist and represent our clients through the complex visa application process.

All decisions for granting of a visa remain with the Australian Government, subject to lodging a valid application using the forms or electronic lodgement systems available on the Government website and meeting the relevant criteria. Migration Plus is not affiliated with the Australian Government.  We act independently in assisting and representing our clients interests, we advocate for our clients. The Australian Government registers Migration Agents – all our Agents are registered under that system.  We are also licensed to provide Continuing Professional Development to Migration Agents and we belong to the Migration Institute of Australia.  We take great pride and offer exceptional professionalism in helping you achieve your immigration goal.