Additional Services and Useful Links

At Migration Plus we aim to assist with all facets of the Migration Process to make your pathway to Australia easy.  To assist with this we have arranged strategic alliances with credible providers of additional services you may need.  These are not the only ones available or that we may recommend  but are some providers we have had good experience with and are well known for what they do.

Contact us to arrange any of these services on your behalf or to introduce you to a service provider suitable to your needs.  We can also provide contacts and introductions to many schools, colleges, TAFE colleges, Universities and accredited ELICOS schools that can assist for students and those wanting to undertake further formal trading.

Boss Revolution - How to make cheap international calls from mobile or fixed lines - join now!

Telephoning Internationally! Join the Boss Revolution for cheap calls from mobile or fixed line to international destinations. You can top up in our office or on the internet or your phone. We will establish the account for you, you then simply use it to make cheap international calls worldwide. 

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Australian Health Insurance for Overseas Visitors

At Medibank Private we understand that health systems vary greatly around the world.

Like most places in the world, health care costs in Australia can be expensive. Even a few days in hospital for a routine
operation can add up to thousands of dollars in hospital charges and doctor's fees. Most international visitors and temporary residents do not have access to Medicare - the government's free or subsidised health program - and therefore rely on private health insurance to help cover the cost of hospital and medical expenses while in Australia.

This is where private health insurance from Medibank Private can help. We have a suite of products designed to suit different needs and budgets. Medibank Private currently has a range of covers that satisfy the new requirements for a subclass 457 visa applicants. Plus, we'll endeavour to ensure you receive the "proof of appropriate insurance" letter within 48 hours of your client joining.



Quality International Removal Made Easy

At Anglo Pacific we go out of our way to ensure that nothing is left to chance. Our sales consultants conduct free home surveys of furniture and effects for removal. They take the time to explain the entire removal process from on site professional packing, recommended modes of transportation, shipping documentation, Australian Customs and AQIS procedures to final delivery and unpacking. We feel that it is important that we recognise any referrals from you. This enables us to report to you on the progress of every move from enquiry, booking and pack up, through to the final delivery.

Click here for more information about Anglo Pacific World Movers.


Foreign Exchange and International Payments

A personal service provided by a dedicated team of experts.


  • Low transfer fees
  • Global presence with offices in five locations, including London and Sydney
  • Special offers provided by our partners
  • Highly competitive exchange rates
  • A free, no-obligation Trading Facility
  • No commission charges



IELTS Online - obtain or improve your IELTS score

Getting the right IELTS test score is a crucial step in making an application for Permanent Residence or further study in Australia.

IELTS Online (IELTS Master and IELTS Express) by the Centre for Macquarie English is an extremely flexible and comprehensive web-based individual approach to preparing for the IELTS. Students can log in and use the course anywhere and anytime they have access to the Web. In all the modules, courses include lessons, activities with built-in feedback, technical help, tips, test strategies, examples and practice tests.

Students can practice listening and even speaking online with the built-in recording tool. In Writing and Speaking, personalised online tutoring is also available as an option, and via the My IELTS page, students can track their progress. IELTS Express, a quick but thorough intro to IELTS, allows access time of 45 days for only $49, while all of the four modules of IELTS Master costs $99 for 90 days minimum access. There have been big price reductions in these programs and it is a great way to fine tune your English in your home in your own time at the pace you want to run at.

Students can reserve IELTS test places at a local Test Centre, as well as priority in our sought-after Waiting Lists.

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Holistic Skills Assessment was developed to provide a holistic service of Skills Assessment and Recognition of Prior learning (RPL) by like- minded RegisteredTraining Organisations (RTOs). All assessments are conducted in the workplace, ensuring that the requirements of Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) are met and maintained.

Candidates can join up and begin the process online now and by using the services of one of our Corporate Partner migration agents, get a discount on their assessment.

AQF Level Ill and IV Qualifications offered in all of the following trade areas:


  • Motor Mechanics
  • Electrical and Plumbing 
  • Design and Printing
  • Construction (General and Civil)
  • Engineering (Welder, Fabricator and Diesel Fitter)
  • Hospitality (Cook and Chef)
  • Many more through request


Leading Assessment Services

VETASSESS is a leading service provider of assessment services for the Australian and international VET markets. VETASSESS is an Assessment Authority gazetted by the Australian Government to assess the skills of applicants for the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program, Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) and temporary work (Subclass 457) visas. VETASSESS provides educational assessments for people applying to migrate to Australia under these programs for over 220 occupations including professional, para-professional and trade occupations and also verifies qualifications for people from the People's Republic of China.

Offshore Assessment Service: VETASSESS leads a consortium of RTOs in the provision of offshore pre-migration assessment oftrade skills for the GSM program.VETASSESS has been operating the Offshore Assessment service for eighteen months, assessing the skills of people against the relevant industry standards in nine trades and five countries. Successful applicants are awarded an Australian trade qualification or an OffshoreTechnical Skills Record (OTSR).

457 Temporary Visa program: VETASSESS has also recently been appointed by the Australian Government, through TRA, to conduct formal skills assessments for the 457 temporary visa program. People wishing to apply for a 457 visa in the nominated trades and countries are now required to undertake a skills assessment against Australian qualifications.


Skills2oz providing jobseekers around the world an opportunity to get jobs in Australia. There is a variety of jobs in Skills2oz website and they also offer information to prepare you for the Australian market.

For more information, click here.


Migration Institute of Australia

Migrating to Australia Information Book     Settling in Australia? This book might help with local information.

Helping you, helping others

Migration Plus adds value to the community in which it works. At least 5% of our profit goes towards our contributions to what we call Step Up and Reach Out which assists selected young people from Australia and around the world who choose to improve their position in life through education and learning. Read more

Registration and regulatory information

Migration Plus is a long established, Australian based privately owned independent immigration consultancy with a team of highly skilled OMARA Registered Migration Agents who represent our clients from around the world.  Migration Plus provides fee-based services in addition to the official Government application fees and disbursements to advise, assist and represent our clients through the complex visa application process.

All decisions for granting of a visa remain with the Australian Government, subject to lodging a valid application using the forms or electronic lodgement systems available on the Government website and meeting the relevant criteria. Migration Plus is not affiliated with the Australian Government.  We act independently in assisting and representing our clients interests, we advocate for our clients. The Australian Government registers Migration Agents – all our Agents are registered under that system.  We are also licensed to provide Continuing Professional Development to Migration Agents and we belong to the Migration Institute of Australia.  We take great pride and offer exceptional professionalism in helping you achieve your immigration goal.